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Its quite a famous belief spread around all parts of India that when we head our way to someplace
important and if a cat runs across your way, its a bad omen, and the solution would be to go back home,
sit for a while and then start again...

This is not a mere superstition... It has a little bit of logical background..!
In olden days, people used to travel in bullock carts for long distances, even at nights with a maximum light of a kerosene lantern..
the carriage animals as we know are very domestic and soft.. When they travel across solitary paths or thro forests,
they often get to get past big cats like leapords and hyenas, jackals foxes also include..
these animals have glowing eyes which are frightening even to skeptical eyes when they are seen at nights..
these eyes scare the cows or the bulls that pull the carts which might make them turn crazy...
That is why the travelling party halts near by and help the animals refresh themselves before
they pull the carts for the long journey ahead without any stress..

What we see today about cats crossing-bad omen are indeed cock and bull stories,
but they had a logical and a casual background like this..!
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