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ImageGet into the groove

Now, to carry off those daring trends, here are some diet, makeup and fitness tips from top models.

~ Bhavna Sharma on personal style: "For me, style comes from your personality and wearing whatever you are most comfortable with. Whether it is jeans or a skirt and a tee shirt, it depends on how you put it together. My style is also very weather-friendly."

Makeup: Have a night out and don't want to wear too much makeup? Just don some mascara, a little lip gloss or balm and you are all set.

~ Aditya Bal loves to hang around in tee shirt and jeans.

Try not to eat rice at night. Drink a lot of water. Drink pure amla juice, which you get in bottles. It tastes a little sour but it's really good for you!

~ Comfort is key, vouches Muzzammil Ibrahim. It doesn't have to be designer wear or expensive on the pocket; it just has to feel good.

Fitness: Be active. You must take your workouts seriously if you want a sculpted physique. For general fitness, you must do your cardio exercises correctly or, depending on your personal preference, maybe try some running.

Also, think healthy; it helps.