by Saurabh
Fun-loving Caroline Wozniacki made Serena Williams the butt of her joke, as she padded her outfit to give herself a curvier look at an exhibition match in Sao Paulo.

Caroline 'Serena' Wozniacki applauded by Federer

Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark adjusts a towel under her outfit during her tennis match against Maria Sharapova of Russia during an exhibition tour in Sao Paulo December 7, 2012. Wozniacki padded her outfit with towels to impersonate tennis player Serena Williams of the U.S. as a joke. Picture taken December 7, 2012. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Former world number one, Caroline Wozniacki, impersonated the WTA Player of the year, Serena Williams, but lost to Maria Sharapova in an exhibition match in Brazil. Roger Federer was amongst spectators who were amused by this mimicry.

The Danish number one imitated the world number three, Williams, which outburst laughter amongst spectators. However, she was criticised by media who reflected that Wozniacki needs to copy her serve instead of stuffing her top and bottom.

Currently ranked 10th in the WTA Premier Rankings, Wozniacki started this season as world number one. However, with her poor run of form, the Dane exited from early round in several tournaments. Adding further to her misery, she crashed out from opening rounds at the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open which pushed her out from the Top 10.

However, Wozniacki managed to find her rhythm towards the end of the season. She went berserk at the Hansol Korea Open in Seoul, the first WTA International event held after the US Open. The Dane claimed her first crown of this season at this hard court event with losing only a single set in the entire tournament.

Mustering her ending campaign further, Wozniacki unleashed her skills at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. She stunned top seeded Samantha Stosur in three sets to capture this Premier title.

In the Tournament of Champions, Wozniacki overpowered several seeded players and secured a place in the final showdown.

With her mimicry at the Brazil exhibition, Wozniacki was criticised by media.

The USA Today’s Chris Chase reflected about this, "If you're going to be Serena, hit your return with ferocity and glare at a linesperson."

This was not the first time Wozniacki imitated the American icon. She copied her last year as well.

The Examiner’s Lena Adebowale wrote, “If Wozniacki wants to imitate Williams, she should consider copying Williams' serve. Or better yet, her ability to win Grand Slams in the clutch. Williams is an international tennis champion. Mimicking her walk or buxom feminine attributes rather than her innate skill is tacky and disrespectful.”

Wozniacki was able to win the point against Sharapova when she impersonated Williams. However, she suffered a 2-6, 6-7 loss against the world number two.