Searching for a laugh? Your sense of humor is about to explode with comedy inside. Prepare to witness the Best Laughs from Jokes ever.

1. when in college : Hum honge kaamiyaab, Hum honge kaamiyaab ek din.....

Candy Cane 1
2. when giving interview to Multi National Company: Tu hi re.. Too hi re ....tere binaaa main kaise jiyunn....

Heart Glasses

3. waiting for interview result: Intehaa ho gai Intzaarki.. aayinaaa kuch khabar mere yaarki...


4. just joined: Too cheez bhadi hai mast mast.....

Soldier's Kiss

5. after some time: Ye kahaan aagaye hum??

Club Me

6. After some more time: Naa koyi umang hai, naa koyi tarang hai, mere jindagi kya ek kati Pathang hai (booohoooo)

7. floating the resume: kabootar ja ja ja... kabootar ja ja ja... pehele pyar ki peheli chitti...


8. finally when you don't get a better offer any longer: Jeena yehaan, marna yehaan iske si wa jaana kahaan...!!!