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Soups and salads make for a healthy dinner, particularly for those who are looking at losing weight. It is light and easily digestible. The calorie count is low and the small amount of calories you take in are 'good' calories.

Not appetising enough?

A soup and salad dinner could sound boring -- particularly if you are thinking of plain old tomato soup and sliced carrots and cucumber.

Every meal needs to be tasty and satisfying. A salad does not mean you are restricted to just cold raw foods. You can cook them -- just make sure not to overcook; then the nutritional value of the vegetable decreases.

About soups

Soups are simple and nourishing and retain the nutrients of the vegetables/ meat. A soup alone can form a complete meal.

About salads

A salad provides you with essential vitamins and complex carbohydrates. A warm salad feels good on a cold evening and a cold one is refreshing on a hot summer day. The raw vegetables provide the fibre that aids in digestion.

Soups + salads = glowing complexion

What should the soup and salad include?

*Protein in the form of chicken/ fish/ lentils/ tofu/ eggs
*Small percentage of carbohydrate in the form of baked bread croutons/ whole wheat pasta/ brown rice