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by Rahul 16 Jan 2008, 05:16
ImageAlong with useful content, authorship of blog postings by top management is important because it give readers a chance to see the company's guiding personalities in an informal way. In some cases, in an effort to maintain a healthy distance from a company's products and services, management-level bloggers operate their blogs separately from their companies.

Such is the case with Alec Saunders, chief executive of Ottawa, Canada-based iotum, which develops software for telephone networks. Saunders maintains a personal blog, which he bills as "Alec Saunders' Personal Soapbox, an explosive mix of VOIP, technology and the Web." Saunders makes clear that the opinions are his own.

"It's my personal blog and you'll find me commenting on telephony things, what's going on the Web... and you'll see my vacation," he says. The blog, which sometimes mentions iotum, helps generate interest in the company because of Saunders' reputation in the software industry, where he spent a good portion of his career at Microsoft Corp.