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National Geographics does an experiment to find out how many water-filled balloons it takes to stop a bullet. The result may surprise you!

Water is an amazing substance that we seem to take for granted. Our planet is covered in it. Our bodies are mostly composed of it. Water truly is the essence of life. However, I bet you won't expect that it is also the essence of potentially saving a life.

Scientists performed an experiment to see how many water-filled balloons it would take to stop a bullet. The result is quite shocking, and the explanation is even more incredible.

(source: Paris LIVE HD)

The next time you are in a jam and there is someone pointing a gun at you, just make sure to have 4 water balloons in front of you, and you'll have nothing to worry about. They won't be giving you any guff after that.

Explanation: The density of water is quite high. You notice it when you try to run through a swimming pool.

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