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ImageRavishing rangolis
While most people these days prefer to use readymade cut-outs to create rangoli patterns in and around their homes, there are a few who would rather do it -- or try to do it -- by hand!
What you need:
~ Chalk
~ Rangoli powder (rice powder coloured with dye)
~ Additional rangoli decorations like flower petals, turmeric powder, zari etc (optional)

~ Swab the area where you will be creating your rangoli (it should be a smooth, flat surface) with a wet cloth and wait for it to dry.
~ Next, using a piece of chalk, draw your rangoli design on the surface -- it can be any design of your choice, but make sure it is of a symmetric nature. If you're not too good at free-hand, you can use tracing paper to outline a design of your liking and then using a pair of scissors, cut the desired shapes into it. This will serve as your very own homemade rangoli cutout.
~ Now comes the hard part. Using the rangoli powder, you have to fill in the design -- take pinches of the powder between your thumb and index finger and fill in the empty areas, staying well within the lines.
~ Besides powder, you can also use flower petals, yellow or orange coloured dal) and zari to lend colour to your rangoli. You can also use place diyas around or on your rangoli to add a festive touch.