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by Sanjana 03 Oct 2013, 04:49
These aren’t invading alien ships or volcanic explosions – they’re supercell thunderstorms forming in the U.S.A’s tornado alley. These shots of hail-producing, tornado-generating, thundering super storms were taken this summer by Slovenian storm chaser Marko Korosec.

Storm chasers like Korosec often gather in the central U.S., where the moist warm air from the Gulf of Mexico meets with the cold, dry air from the Rockies and creates the perfect conditions for tornadoes and super-storms. Many storm chasers have specially-equipped vehicles with sensors that help them track the developing storms and, should the need arise, avoid their wrath. These storms bring high winds, dangerous hail and frequent lightning strikes, and they often form tornadoes. Their unique shape forms owing to cyclone-like storms, called mesocyclones, spinning in their centers.

Breathtaking Storm Photos by Storm Chaser