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Hilarious Bollywood Memes That Came Out Just Pun-tastic.

Hrithik buys a bulb,
Hrithik puts in a socket,
Hrithik swithes it on,
Hrithik Roshan.

Pankaj fell in love,
Pankaj married,
Pankaj divorced,
Pankaj Udhas.

Deepika was a girl,
Deepika fell down,
Deepikahad memory loss,
Deepika Padu-kaun?

Sameera went to a parlour,
Sameera did her hair,
Sameera did her makeup,
Sameera Reddy.

Mika went to a studio,
Mika went to recording room,
Mika took the mic,
Mika Singh.

Poonam puts chuna,
Poonam puts kathha,
Poonam puts gulkand,
Poonam puts supari,
Poonam Pandey.