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It seems like ages back i was in school, but school time was really a difficult time for me and i know most of you guys had the same experience. It was exactly like a plot of india movie when the hero was lallu panju(having height of foolishness) in his school days, except for the fact that something tragic happens to him and he will eventually grow as the smartest shyana of the world. So I think for still being an average person, I think I should blame destiny, coz nothing tragic happed to me otherwise I would also have been one of the smartest guys.
Anyways not deviating from my line, I was telling you that school time was a very difficult time for me, but having a feeling of heroness all inside me, I continued to believed that I am a hero and within this state of illusions I fallen for a girl. I liked that girl coz that girl didn’t like me or any other boy or actually the male community as a matter of fact. I don’t know why I started liking her. So I started watching her for all the time, following her knowing her. Even I started going to same coaching class she was going. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oops sorry for the disturbance. This disturbance is caused by my other personality, as I am suffering from a split personality but I will talk to you about that sometime later. My other personality interrupted coz I was again deviating from my script. Actually I am not at all talking about my crush or my split personality. I want ot tell about an incident. This incident is about an argument between me and me.
Surprised, as I told you I am suffering from split personality, actually everyone is. No matter whatever you do there is some part of you contradicting you. So lets talk about an argument between Me and Me in my school times, when I was a loser, but believed that I am a hero and madly fallen for a girl.
So that day I was sitting in my coaching class (same I mentioned above) alone and the girl I like ( i don’t like her now but since I am talking as first person in past) came and sat down. It appears that the sir is not in mood of teaching and luckily (as I thought) we were the only two people came that day. So I thought great lets talk to her and try to Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr opps actually the conversation went like this.

Me: I think today is a good time to talk to her.
Me 2: hey, stop thinking like that, she is gona kill you if u talk to her.
Me: shut the F*** up. I am definitely going to talk to her today and make her fall in love with me.
Me 2: ok go ahead, prove it that u r a fool. By the way she already knows u r, but go ahead and prove it. Go go go.
Me: I will, u just keep quite, [To Her: It seems sir is not in mood of teaching today]
She: hmm
Me 2: I told you, u r a fool.
Me: you were right I should have not said anything.
Me 2: you idiot no u have started a conversation, now continue.
Me: but…………
Me 2: {Smash} talk, talk now.
Me: [To her: It seems no one else is coming today]
She: Hmmmmmmmmm
Me 2: F*** man you r screwed.
Me: shut up and stop saying F***, you F***er
Me: [To her: So how r studies going ]
She: OK
Me: [so r u prepared for exams.]
She: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Me 2: ha ha ha ha ha ha I told ya not to talk on the first place, now go on, go on.
Me: ************* you.

I began to feel a little restless and looked at a book nearby and pointing no a random picture said

Me: what is that think.

She: Oh that is actually the picture of a RNA and you know the difference between RNA and DNA is ……………………………………………………………………………
Me 2: man what the hell she is talking about we don’t even looked the picture and she is telling these damn stories about it. Tell her to stop.
Me: you stop, look how enthusiastically she is telling it.
Me 2: but you have no idea what she is talking about.
Me: who knows……….. she thinks I am listening and you keep quite and let me pretend I am listening. Atleast I can see in her eyes all the time she is talking.
Me 2: you A** ****.
Me: F***

And so she talked about a lot of thing about I don’t know some RNA or BNA or KNA. I have no idea. The conversation ended and now there is pin drop silent.

Me: [To her: good, I learnt a lot.]
Me 2: hu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, liar.

Me: [to her: so what is this]
She {staring at me ………………………………………..}
Me: why the hell is she staring at me.
Me: man u r screwed look the picture you pointed to………..

And when I told you that nothing tragic happen to me, I was not fully right coz this is a tragedy and what I did was a great blunder. I know this is gonna take all my chances away. Actually I blindly pointed out a picture of a male reproduction system clearly showing the THING in it.

Me: damn damn damn, you should have told me what it is.
Me 2: you should have looked at the picture sir ji.

Me: [to her: oh sorry actually I didn’t mean that, I mean I didn’t mean this, actually I didn’t mean anything, I actually didn’t looked at the picture]
She: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm {silently )
Me 2: you r dead, and now we are not gonna get her at any cost.

So by the time she left she found her fiend and before parting they oth gave me a strange look. And we ( me and me ) stayed there alone. We are still sorry for that mistake we did. Me 2: F*** u, I have not done anything. You did everything and she left me too……… bu huh u huh u hu (actually he is weeping )

So as I told you this was the first conversation between me and me or say this was the first time I noticed it, and since then this BLOODY ME is bugging me in all my affairs, personal or professional.

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