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by Saurabh 18 Jun 2011, 05:31
6. Hawk
Birds that can beat the Crap out of you

Hawks can easily tear flesh with their overlapping and sharp beaks that resemble the action of scissors. It's unlikely that a hawk will pierce all the way through your skin, but some serious puncture wounds would be a certainty. The talons would be sure to do you in as well as hawks have crushing pressure in their talons of almost 200 pounds per square inch.

Also, hawks have very keen eyesight and if they were stalking you like prey, you'd have a very difficult time avoiding it. I would also be impossible to get away since a hawk can dive at speeds that can reach up to 180 mph. Can you imagine what a body slam from a hawk would feel like?

5. Owl
Birds that can beat the Crap out of you

As there are over 200 species of owls, it's a little difficult to describe the damage an owl can do. For the most part owls will leave humans alone, but if you approach one during mating season or get too close to a nest, you could be in serious trouble.

With 800 pounds per square inch of crushing pressure in its talons, it wouldn't be difficult for an owl to break some bones. If the sharp hooked beak isn't enough to intimidate you, combine that with up to 125 pounds per square inch of crushing pressure in the beak as well.