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by Saurabh 18 Jun 2011, 05:31
8. Condor
Birds that can beat the Crap out of you

As the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere, you could imagine that the condor could do some pretty good damage to a human. In fact, this was unfortunately put to the test on August 21, 1999 when a condor attacked a little girl just under the age of three years old at the Columbus Ohio Zoo.

During a show, the condor flew from its handler and knocked the girl down and gave her three bad puncture wounds. My guess is that the little girl was actually pretty lucky as I fear that this bird could have done a lot worse.

7. Falcon
Birds that can beat the Crap out of you

Like most of the birds in this countdown, the falcon isn't overly aggressive normally, but I surely wouldn't push it by getting too close to a nest. You can expect to get knocked on your A*s if a falcon were to dive at you at up to 124 mph or put some talon pressure on you of over 200 pounds per square inch.

The falcon also has a razor sharp beak that can cut through the spinal cord of its prey. Though it most likely wouldn't be effective for cutting through the spinal cord of a human, it could still do some severe damage.