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I started a new job a week ago. I am the news editor of a small, but much loved, newspaper in Central Mass. It’s been a humbling experience so far. My title “editor” really means “one man band who creates, writes, edits, takes photos, helps with out and thinks of new and creative things to do.”

I love my job. I have an office. My office has it’s own bathroom, something I’ve never once had in my entire life. Like, this bathroom is attached to my little office and you can’t get in any other way than going through my office. It’s mine, which is crazy to me.

Last week I started to get to know the ropes of the job. I went around town, met the locals, and wrote a few stories.

I kept true to my word and wrote about people. I tried to avoid writing about events, that’s boring. People are interesting and I tried to find a way to tell the story of the events I previewed and covered by finding someone to latch on to — I wanted to cover the events through someone’s eyes.

I think I succeeded. I know I can do better — I can always do better, we can always do better — but for a first issue, all went smoothly. The paper came out yesterday and no one called with any hateful words. No one came into the office and told me I ruined everything. Success.

I took over this job for Josh. This was Josh’s first job in journalism, much like it is my “first job”. By first I mean this is the first time I’ve been on salary. This is the first time I’ve had an office, my own phone line, a company computer, and did I mention and office?

Josh worked here for four years. Now he is moving on and up in the company. He took over as editor of the biggest newspaper the company owns (congrats Josh!). He deserves it. The paper here wouldn’t be what it is today and I wouldn’t have had such an easy transition into the job if it weren’t for Josh. The guy can write,and he knows that the best stories are always told through the eyes of the people in those stories. He touched this town with his stories about the people who live here.

I’ve been cleaning out my office, which use to be Josh’s office, every morning for the past week. The stacks of old newspapers made me uncomfortable at first as they looked like they were going to tip over and crush me at any minute. In doing so, I’ve learned a lot about this town over the years. The papers date back to the early 2000’s (the paper is now 25-years-old) and every one of them has something in it I didn’t know and would probably had never known if I hadn’t cleaned this place up a bit. Learning through the past helps me understand the present.

It’s weird to look back on browned newspapers. The stories look archaic, but I know then and now people really loved them when they came out, and if I were to ask anyone in town about them, they’d remember. That’s just the kind of place this is. And off I go with my first real edition on my own next Wednesday. No help from Josh this week. This is all me. Pressure kills me. But I am sleeping a better now that the first issue is out with my name on it. Here’s to more writing. Next week should be better.

:) :)