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Having beautiful skin or treating some skin problems isn't
reserved for those who can afford to buy the most expensive
products, or go to the spa for expensive facials. Whether
your finances are a little stretched, you just ran out of
your favorite product, or you would rather use a natural
alternative, these next tips may be helpful...

A box of baking soda can be your skin's best friend. While
in the shower, rub a handful of baking soda all over your
skin to exfoliate and soften your skin. You can add a cup
of baking soda to your bath and rub a handful of baking
soda over your skin if you like to take tub baths...

Baking soda is invaluable to those who suffer with blackheads.
Rubbing baking soda on dampened skin will loosen the dirt and
grime and remove blackheads...

If oily skin is a problem, fresh tomatoes are great for the oily
areas of your face. (Make sure to try the tomato juice on
your arm first, if you think you may be sensitive to it). Rinse
thoroughly immediately after using the tomato juice...

For a great moisturizer try olive oil. This healthy fat is good
for you and is great for your skin. You can also use it to soothe
sunburned skin...