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Banta's driving along the highway one evening when all of a sudden
Nature calls.

He sees a little bar up the way and he pulls into the
Parking lot.

When he gets inside, he finds the place is packed! The bar is crowded
With people trying to get drinks, ladies are dancing on the tables
And there's hardly standing room anywhere.

Banta scans the place a couple of times to find the restrooms, but to
No avail. Finally, he spots a small stairway and scrambles up.

When he gets to the top, he discovers that all the doors are locked.

All but one. When he opens the door, all he sees is a big hole in the
Floor. Desperate, he drops his pants and dumps the biggest load he's
Ever had right there in the hole.

Relieved, he calmly walks down the stairs. The once crowded barroom
Is completely empty, not a soul was in sight. Slowly, a bartender
Rises from behind the bar.

"What happened!?!" says Banta.

The bartender responds "Where were you when the sh*t hit the fan?!"