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Baah-Man and English

Mr. Kailash Dikshit, who belonged to a very prominent Baah-Man family, was a Hindi and Sanskrit teacher of KDM school, Mathura. Whenever he wanted the windows to be opened, he would say, 'Open the doors of the window. Let the atmosphere come in!' At other times, he would say, 'Open the doors of the window, let the Air Force come in.' Once, he was very angry with a girl student. 'You, meet me behind the class!' he shouted at her. Once, he shouted at angrily at a boy who interrupted his conversation with a beautiful girl student, 'I talk, she talk, why you middle talk?'


Baah-Man and Biology class

When instructing a student to cut an apple in Biology class, a Baah-Man biology teacher in Benaras said, 'Cut the apple in two halves, take the bigger half for yourself, and give the other to your clas-mate'


Badder English

Once Baah-Man was a Sanskrit teacher of Nehru college in Kanpur. He could not tolerate any loitering or gossipping whether in his class or outside. When he would see boys standing about in the halls, he would shout, 'Why are you rotating in the corridor?' Kyo gumreho?


Baah-Man Horribler English

Keshav Baah-Man was a Sanskrit teacher in Benaras Hindu University. He was famous for giving punishments for minor infringements of rules. During assembly time, he would shout to his students, 'All of you students, stand in a straight circle!'

Another punishment he gave was for students to run around the grass field four times. Whenever meting out this punishment, he would shout, 'You, rotate the ground four times!'

At other times, he would make the errant pupil stand under a tree. Then he always would shout, 'You, go and under-stand the tree!'

When he caught a group of three gossipping students, he shouted, 'You, three of you, stand together separately~'

Once, he sent three students out of his class, shouting 'Both of you three, meet me behind the class!'

When he caught a cold, some students had opened the classroom windows, whereupon he said, 'Close the doors of the windows please. I have winter in my nose today'

When asked about his family, he replied, 'I have two daughters, both of them are girls.'