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An ayurvedic holiday
If you are looking for a total break from your daily routine, we suggest you try out an Ayurvedic holiday in Kerala.
Now imagine the evergreen Kerala and its backwaters, famous for Ayur therapy. The very thought has a cooling effect. What is also highly interesting here is the stark difference between one of these Ayurvedic resorts and your regular spa.

Getting started

You could start off with booking yourself a place at an Ayurvedic beach resort. The next step would be to arrange a meeting with an Ayur physician.

He will prescribe an appropriate diet based on your lifestyle and physical health conditions.

Dress right

Unlike other spa treatments, Ayurvedic therapies are very oily. It is advisable to wear something that can be discarded at the end of the holiday.

Early morning is the best time to have any kind of massage.

The process

The massage room generally has only a wooden table and is dimly lit to keep with the mood. The room is cool - but without air conditioners. The place smells of herbs and aromatic oil. The physician asks you to lie on your back.

The physician then begins by massaging the head slowly. The idea then is to loosen up and relax. The shoulders, neck and the back are massaged (generally in this order). This could almost feel like drowning in deep slumber. By this point of time, you can feel the stress ebbing away. In fact, it is even common to doze off. Once the massage is done, you will be asked to shower in lukewarm water.

Rejuvenation, at last

Unlike spas, there are aromatic candles, bath salts or music. But the whole experience is soothing to your soul and body.


However, please check the credentials of the Ayurvedic resort you book into because there are many unscrupulous places, which are out to hoodwink the unfamiliar traveller.

So go on, give your senses a treat!