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The French manicure may still be popular among women at work. But for society ladies, and celebrities who are always ready to experiment, the growing fad is nail art. When it comes to international celebrities, we have Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan and even Paris Hilton flashing patterned nails galore.
So great is its popularity that salons concentrating only on beautifying your nails have sprung up almost on every street. Professionals are even experimenting with mediums other than nail varnish, such as acrylic, glitter acrylic and the likes.

Then there's Japanese nail art that involves the application of 3D flowers, stars, moons and other intricate designs.

So when you do get into the mood of beautifying your nails, just pop in at one of these nail salons, select a design from their collection and in less than 30 minutes, your nails will get a total makeover.

Art on your fingertips

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