Is there a writer in u? Or are you in a mood to read some short interesting stories? Here's the Story Section for all tastes.

Once upon a time a long, long time ago there lived a wise old dwarf named Granny Smith deep inside the forest above a village called Appledom. All of the town elders used to hold meetings once a month in Appledom to discuss problems facing the village people.

The Mayor of Appledom, Fred Delicious, and who the towns people referred to as 'Red' because of his beautiful red hair, and wife Golden, who also just happened to be the Assistant to the Mayor, at his right side, called the monthly meeting to order.

"Order! Order!" Red said. "What is the first order of business?" asked Red Delicious.

His wife replied, "We are to discuss getting Dr. Winesap to visit our village less for we are a poor town and can not pay him what he wants and he is tired of receiving apples as payment for his services."

"I will visit the wise old Granny Smith deep in the forest above the village for an answer tomorrow morning. I am sure she can give us the answer we can all live with, however, she will not help me unless I bring her one of Golden Delicious' apple pie's!"

"I will bake one tonight" replied Golden Delicious.

"Great! I love it when you bake! Make two of them!" Red said and the meeting was dissolved.

The next morning, Red Delicious took off with the apple pie his wife, Golden Delicious, made and after several hours, arrived at the front walk of the little old grass cabin belonging to the little old wise dwarf, Granny Smith. The aroma of the apple pie arrived long before Red did and that was enough to awake Granny Smith and have the door open before Red Delicious even knocked.

After taking the pie, Granny Smith asked, " What is it you want?"

Red delicious replied, " The doctor, Dr. Winesap, who comes from a village far away called, Newtown-Pippin, told me he could not make as many visits to our town, Appledom, to care for our villagers because we have been paying him in apples and he wants the big bucks! What shall we do?"

And the little old wise dwarf named Granny Smith retorted, "Have all the villagers eat an apple a day for this will keep the doctor away!"

"I will get to he core of this concept,” He thought to himself as he hurried back to the village.

His wife, Golden Delicious, went screaming door to door, "Town Meeting! Town Meeting!"

Once everyone showed up, the decree was made.

"From this day forward, we all shall eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away!" Red said.

And by golly gee wiz, in 30 years, the Doctor never had to be called once.

And the town became so dependant on apples, any visitor who passed through the town gates saw a sign that had on it in big red letters: Welcome to Appledom.

The only thing worse than finding a worm in your apple is finding half a worm! :)