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by Aashima 29 Apr 2016, 00:43
Anushka Sharma Drop Dead Gorgeous in Vogue
Anushka Sharma is convincing even without a script. She speaks so fast, and with such earnestness, that in two hours I feel like I know her.

We’re in the living room of her Andheri penthouse, sitting on a black sectional sofa strewn with quirky cushions, beneath a New York-style exposed brick wall. On the wall above our heads is a massive abstract photo frame, and in my vision is Sharma, curled up in skinny jeans and a black tank, with the backdrop of the sun setting on Versova beach. “I don’t understand art, so I don’t have any paintings. For me, that would be a waste of money. Photographs are more real for me, so you’ll find pictures and posters rendered on different surfaces across the house,” she says.