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i am going to rewrite it in 1st person...but this is what i have so far...


Being an outcast was never easy for Mikey Fixx. He, according to the worlds, was not a normal kid. For instance one time in fifth grade when his class had gone outside for recess, one of his classmates was swinging on the monkey bars and suddenly slipped cracked open his head on the hard ground below, Mikey just stood in amazement and poked his head lightly, then laughed. He never even bothered to tell the teacher. Luckily another child saw the kid bleeding and was rushed to the hospital before he died. No one has ever forgiven him. Mikey's hair is almost never it's original color. In spite of what his parents say, he dyed his hair whatever color he wanted. He had a rebellious and depressed nature, and always dresses in black band tees and baggy pants. Some days , just to make people notice him, he would wear a bit of color to try to seem normal, but this often failed. So when he moved from Tennessee to New York, he know he wasn't going to fit in , or make any friends, But to his amazement, he did.

"Bing!", The bell had rung and school was out for the immensely long six day weekend. Mikey lazily rose from his seat in the back of the classroom and shuffled to the door, hoping he would be the last one out, just incase someone tried to trip him, or push his books out of his hand, but to his dismay, he didn't move slow enough. Mark Thomas, the tallest and burliest of the football players, came right up behind Mikey, ripped his book and papers out of his hands, then abruptly pushed him to the ground before he had time to think.

Mikey sat there for a minute, with sleep still in his eyes. A little dazed, Mikey attempted to push himself from the floor but Mark kicked him back down, and the funny thing to Mikey was, that the teacher wasn't even paying any attention to them even thought the door was wide open.
Mikey looked over at the teacher and saw her glance at him, with a half hearted look, not caring at all. "School safety my A*s", he though and winced from a sudden sharp pain in his shoulder. Mark had pulled his arm behind his back and started to laugh. "Ha! What are you gonna do now loser?!", Mark snickered, triumph in his voice.

"Nothing really, cause you fat A*s is kind of squishing me!" he yelped harshly. Mark took much offence to his remark, and pulled even more on him his arm. Afraid that Mark would dislocate his shoulder, Mikey made a desperate attempt to cry for help, but before he could utter one word Mark pushed he face into the ground, so the concrete would muffle the sound.

Mikey tried so hard not to cry, because that would just make him look weaker and give Mark another excuse to hurt him more. With a smirk of satisfaction, Mark pulled a little more on Mikey's arm, but before he had a chance to almost kill him one of Mikey's closest friends, Claire came to save the Day.

Claire Stine was also not your average 17 year old. She was so smart she could be a senior in collage. But Claire didn't look like your average brainiac. I mean, yeah she had the over sized glasses, but her wardrobe was completely different. She wore Victorian dresses, and mostly Lolita based outfits that with the glasses made her look like the most sophisticated person you have ever seen. But behind this soft, smart exterior was a lost, sad and scared child. Her life at home was never pleasant, so she thought the only way to get away from it all was self mutilation. Her father thought that her superior grades was because she slept around with the male teachers, and her mother would rather not say anything, but only agree with her toppling-off-his -bar - stool father, just in fear of being stuck. But despite all of her problems at home, Claire was always ready to defend someone or something even if it meant putting herself in danger, so Mikey was really lucky to have such a strong friend.

"Excuse me, but, do you mind telling me what you are doing to my friend?" she said with innocence and slight sting in her voice. She lightly crossed her arms, and slowly tapped her foot against the cold concrete, waiting impatiently for an answer. Mikey smiled weakly at the sound of the tapping, which was kind of at a slow metronome pace that put him slightly at ease. Mark's eyebrows ruffled, frustrated that Claire had interrupted him, and let go of Mikey's arm, not softly, but with unsympathetic harshness. Mikey let out a soft cry, which luckily was stilled by the now warm floor. Mark Stood clumsily to his feet and towered at least two feet above Claire, but she was not intimidated but his size. She looked up at him, calm and collected as she would ever be and took a sluggish steady breath, she almost seemed annoyed.

"What Is it to you-", he paused for a minute, as if he was going to deliver some lethal blow. "-You freak", Mark grinned with a liking of his choice of words. Claire just simply shook her head in disbelief, with her shimmering glacier eyes closed. With one swift move she lunged a claw like hand towards Marks face, and her razor resembling fingernails collided with his tan skin. Like a raven in the night she gracefully bent down to help Mikey to his feet and run down the hall and out the front doors, with Mikey frantically trying to keep up.

Looking back , they found that Mark wasn't following, so they came slowly to a stop and tried to catch their breath. Claire's pale face was flushed with excitement. She brushed of her dirty black chunky, buckled shoes, and snapped back up to smile at Mikey.

"You Ok?", she huffed in one breath, nodding head up once. She was now propping herself against the wall, arms crossed behind her back.

Mikey pushed off his knees then slapped his hands to his sides. "Well I'm not sure." he said in a girly voice. He laughed and gave a true answer. "Actually a bit scared. I thought for sure I would have to get my whole arm removed and get a prosthetic…l-o-l", he snickered and ran his fingers through his blue, black and platinum blonde hair.

They started to walk to go find Claire's brother and their friend Todd so they could plan their weekend extravaganza. As soon as the rounded they unexpectedly ran into someone.

"Hey watch where you're-", Claire stopped and realized that they bumped into Clive.

Clive wasn't Claire's brother by blood, but by marriage. Their parents had met at a bar two years before and they have been close ever since. Clive was only a year younger than Claire, also he was extremely mature for is age, But turned into a little kid when he became frightened, and always took refuge in his sisters kind words. His eyes were an autumn orange and his hair was black with a single chuck of bangs a whitish blonde, but in the sun it looked a tint of deep ocean blue. He was also fairly thin and pale, and no he has no eating disorder, he is also the spitting image of Claire, clothes wise, and today they matched to a tee.

He had a small but ever growing bruise on his chin, which stood out on his china doll face. He fell to his knees, gasping for breath, his face red with exhaustion. His heavily applied eye makeup was smeared on to his cheeks. Claire, with a worried expression on her face, quickly crashed to her knees to join her brother. She hated to see him in pain.

" Clive, love? What happened?", her voice quivered, and her porcelain face discoloring, as if it would break if she cried. Clive quickly clung to his sister as if his world was about to end. After a brief moment, he slowly lifted his face, revealing black tears and red stained eyes.

"Hide me-", he muttered, but before he could finish his sentence, Mark Thomas and Kris Jacks, star baseball player, came striding up to Mikey and his gang.

"There you are you little freak!", Mark spat, looming over the crouching siblings, while Mikey stood off to the side, hoping he wouldn't be notice. But he had been, Kris had come up behind him and had him in an arm lock, which was horrible, because he has not quite recovered from his first encounter with Mark. "sh*t! I have really bad luck!" Mikey thought, trying not to move so much, as if a single pin prick could break his arms completely off.

Clive had scrambled behind his sister, and she slowly rose to her feet, Clive following, his face remained hidden by her medium auburn hair. Looks like she'll have to play superhero again. She kept her gaze to the ground at first, making her look like a vampiress, as if she were to lift her head and you would be met with black, cold, heartless eyes and fangs so sharp they could pierce the strongest steel.

She Lifted her head slowly, revealing not black, but two ice blue, black rimmed eyes, that could crush the soul. She turned to Mark then to the four slash marks on his left cheek, crusted blood protruding, and the skin around it, looking rotten.

" I suggest that you leave my little brother alone and put my friend down or-", she softly growled, but was cut off but Mark intense rudeness.

"Or what, you'll give me a paper cut?!" he yelled, apparently forgetting the gashes that she had given him not just but ten minutes ago. Claire furrowed her eyebrows, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, she smirked. Right now a paper cut sounded perfect. She turned around on her heel, as if to leave, but instead gave Mark a hard blow to the head with one of her many heavy books.

" Or that's what!", she screamed, a little surprised she raised her voice that high. " Don't you ever touch my brother, my friends or ME ever again, or it could get much worse!". She turned to Kris who had by now released Mikey, and was helping Mark to his feet and carrying him away. Claire did a false lunge to scare him off. She looked back at Clive who was smiling up at her and Mikey had passed out from the exhaustion and panic, so she decided to drive them home. After Claire had parked the car, her and Clive carried Mikey into the elevator, and up to the third floor of the apartment building. Claire unlocked the door, kicked the door open with one foot, and plopped him on the couch, and he remained asleep the rest of the night.

"The earth began to quake and cracks in the ground had begun to form as well. I could only see a immense light coming for the distance, and I know they had come to save us, come to help us, come to take down the demons that were rising from the fire below, and she was the only one who knew how, her face so familiar, almost like-"

Mikey jolted awake, sweat dripping down his, he glanced over to see Clive asleep in he humungous burgundy recliner, and Claire asleep in a lawn chair on the floor, the blue glow from the television was so distracting, that it was giving him a headache. He sigh, turned off the T.V, rolled over onto his side and fell back asleep. with her.

His dreams the rest of the night were blank. He wished he wouldn't have ever woken up and continued to dream of that soothing light and the mysterious figure. Mikey was finally unexpectedly awakened from his father stumbling through the door and tripping over his own feet, colliding with the deep brown carpet. Mikey groggily propped himself up onto his elbows and glanced towards the clock that was strategically place above the television set.

"Three Twenty-Seven?", he thought to himself and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, making them water a bit. Then he suddenly remembered Clive and Claire sound asleep and hastily looked around the room, but found no one. "Must have gone home", he thought again, and apathetically looked back to his father who was mumbling swears and heaving himself off the floor. "You're home early", he said aloud and smacked his hand across his forehead, realizing that he had spoken aloud. His father's glazed over eyes pierced Mikey's heart like frozen daggers, randomly he coughed, a smokers cough, then slowly made his way towards where Mikey was sitting, arms extended as if to embrace him. But Mikey knew by now not except hugs from his father, especially when his mother wasn't home and she wouldn't he home for another three hours.

Panic struck him like a moving train, paralyzing him for a brief moment until reality slapped him in the face. Mikey jumped from the couch and ran for the stairs, but before he could ascend two or three steps he was pulled down forcefully by his pant leg. His father's firm and sledgehammer like hands franticly trying to throw him down, but Mikey put up a fight. " There is no way I am putting up with this crap anymore" , he screamed in his mind, and with his free leg, shot violently towards his fathers face, sending him staggering backward and releasing his leg. He heard a hoarse yelp and slurred curses. This kick bought Mikey about ten seconds to run up the rest of the stairs and lock his door. When he realized this, he scrambled as fast a he legs could go, and finally recovered his breath behind the safe haven of his locked door. He never quite knew why his father hated him so much, but at that moment he wasn't about to open the door and ask.

Pounding his head on the door he sobbed. As much as he hated to let he self cry, there was no other way to hold it in. A few more painful head bangs on the polished oak door later, he realized what he had to do. He tripped toward his closet and frantically searched for a backpack, grabbed some clothes and stuffed them in. Three tremendously loud bangs came from the door behind him, followed by many incomprehensible words. Mikey squeezed his eyes tightly together until his head felt like it was going to explode, and he prayed for help. He jumped suddenly at the sound of the oak door breaking slightly, " I've Gotta' move faster!" he thought, and grabbed the last of his possessions. He wrote short note for his mother when she arrived home, that only she would be able to recognize, and made way to the fire escape outside his window. Nearing the bottom of the stairway he heard the oak door three stories up break completely and hit the plaster walls, he wasn't going to look back, that would only slow him down and maybe be a deadly move. Jumping to the ground, he winced a little from the pain in his ankles, then ran full sprint down the street.

The neon signs and street lights shone bright against the surrounding darkness. Mikey wasn't familiar with the town he lived in, so he had to be on his toes, be aware of street signs he might miss. As he walked down Fifth Avenue, rounding Court Road, he walked past and abandoned alleyway with a single dim flood light, which flickered every now and again. He heard a cough, and the a noise resembling that of spilling water. Distant voices could be heard over the roar or the car engines as they sped down the street, but they were so clear, you would have thought all sound in existence had faded away. Moment's after the cough, Mikey was not but 5 feet from the ally when he heard a whimper coming from the end of the darkness. Thinking that is was a lost child he decided to go back to the ally. Taking caution as to walk over bits of trash, and branches from a near by tree, he never seemed to notice that there was a shadow lurching in the ally's dark corners.

Coming to the faded flood light he looked back, noticing that the ally looked a lot smaller from where he had been standing before, and questioned weather or not he was to go back. Defeated, knowing he had already come to far to turn away, Mikey noticed three hunched over figures in the far left corner of the ally. Carefully inching his way toward the body masses, he extended an arm, and with a soft breath he called out. "Hey are you three alright?", he paused and waited for an answer, but found none, only a slight movement of arms and legs. He spoke again, more thoughtful. "Can you tell me where you are from, maybe we could find your-", but before he could finish one of the bodies stirred and attempted to stand. Mikey was surprised a little by this, and took a small step back. The person stood full height, much taller than Mikey, about 3 feet taller. The Figure stepped into the soft golden orange light and lift his head. Mikey stumbled back even more, slightly frightened by his height. After the man had shone his face, Mikey could see the man was only about four of five years older than he was. His hair was an autumn burnt orange, longish bangs swept to the right side of his face, and the rest of his hair spiking out in all other directions. His eyes were and electric lime green with a blue-green around his pupils, they softened and he smiled. Mikey felt comforted buy his softness, and felt more relaxed. The man fell, doubled over in pain. Mikey knelt down to lend a hand, but couldn't help but notice the immensely large sky blue angelic wings on his back. He also became aware of the crimson blood that stained them.

Feeling he should be a savior Mikey whipped out his cell phone and speed dialed Claire's phone, and asked her for help.

"Uhh? Where are you?" she sighed, a little annoyed she had to always had to save someone's A*s.

"I am in an ally , just after the corner of Fifth Avenue and Court Road.", he blurted, kind of in a hurry, because this person and or people he had stumbled upon needed help

" You're where?!"

" I am fine, just get here as soon as possible-", he stopped to think for a minute. "- and make sure you bring Clive too, we'll need him"

"Yeah, yeah just don't go any where!" she burst, kind of rushed, and she hung up. For once, Mikey was going to save the day

After clicking his phone shut, he pressed it to his lips and sighed, pondering. Days like these don't happen often, so he had little time to prepare. Suddenly there was a loud car horn blaring in his ears, interrupting his concentration. Thinking it was Claire and Clive he spun around with a smile on his face, but his smile slowly faded as he saw a man in a navy blue police uniform step out in front of the luminous high beams coming the head lights. Mikey could see he had brownish blonde hair with a small goatee. "Aw sh*t! sh*t!" he muttered under his breath, trying to hide the panic and fear building up in his eyes. "Think of something to say before things get ugly!", he said to himself in thought, and he fumbled to try to put his cell phone back in his pocket, and fought to not fidget with his hands.

The officer placed his hands on his hips and strutted towards Mikey. Passers by slowed there cars down to almost a stop to see what was going on, but the officer turned around and signaled them to 'move along' before they had time to see anything. Mikey shoved his hands in his pockets and tried not to look nervous, I mean the kid have never been stopped by the cops before.

"You mind tellin' me what you are doin' walkin' down this quiet street at four in the morning' son?", the officer had a strict look upon his face, and didn't look pleased with Mikey, but cops are always like that, even if you did nothing wrong, It's their job. Mikey looked behind him and prayed that the 'angels' were just in his head, but alas, there they were. The tall angel guy sprawled like a crime scene calk outline, the flood light spilling over him, making the blood somewhat sparkle, and the others huddled in the far left corner still. Mikey desperate wanted to tell the officer everything, but if he was just imagining this then the cop would have thought he was a nut. Mikey slowly turned around and shook his head. The officer gave him a questioning look and put a broad hand on Mikey's shoulder. " You alright there boy?", at that moment Mikey noticed that he had a slight southern twang of an accent to his voice, and he smirked at this. He hoped to god that the officer hadn't seen the bodies, so he just smiled and nodded his head.

"Uh yup. Just thought I heard something down in that there ally way", Mikey said mocking the mans accent, and shot a thumb in it's general direction. Thankfully he didn't seem to notice the sarcasm in his voice, instead he just glanced over Mikey's shoulder and gave him a 'what the hell' look , then proceeded to speak.

"Well boy? Why you out here do early?"

Mikey looked around for an answer, and saw a girl walking down the street with a guitar case. "I was headin' to a friends house for our band practice", he paused waiting for a reaction, but there was none so he kept going. "We like to have an early performance so we can get about two practices for each song". The officer's face lit up.

"Oh yeah?!" he replied as if Mikey's lie seemed so interesting. "What instrument cha play?"

" Piano", he stated bluntly. Yeah the first thing that came to his mind was a piano, and he had just seen a girl with a guitar case walk down the street, why not pick guitar.

"But wait-", the officer paused a minute and observed Mikey with only his backpack, stuffed to the brim with clothes and such. Maybe the cop wasn't as stupid as Mikey had thought. "Walking down a nearly abandoned street with a full backpack, you think someone would think ya were runnin' off ".'Aw sh*t, I'm screwed '. Mikey stood there for a minute, dazed, and then snapped back to reality.

"Aw! No sir!" violently shacking his head, and laughing a little." I brought these here clothes with me, just in case". The officer didn't look convinced, but after a minute of looking him over and recalling his claims, he gave in to Mikey's lies.

"Alright then. Be on your way then", and with that the officer drove down the street looking for someone else to bust, because again, that's just what they do.

As if on cue Claire pulled up in her Honda, just as the cop rounded the next corner out of site. Claire jumped out of the drivers seat and Clive turned the car completely off, then followed his sister to Mikey.

"Well what is it?!", she huffed, looking every which way.

" I think these guys need our-", as Mikey whirled around to point to his fallen victims, he stopped, realizing that they were no longer there, except for a single sky blue feather. Ran over to pick it up, then ran back. Showing them the odd colored feather, speechless as to what to say next.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Claire was furious.

"No, no I'm not! There were three angelic like type people hurt in this ally and -", he kept rambling on, explaining everything that happened up to the point where Claire pulled up. Clive looked amazed and believed Mikey, weather his sister did or not.

"Yeah, and I am supposed to believe that?" she made a snobby face, then laughed. Mikey stood there, a little taken back by her remarks. "Don't be silly! Of course I believe you-" she paused, taking in Mikey and Clive's facial expressions. Then she spoke again. " They say the world is supposed to end soon anyway, but in like, 2010!"

"Well that's good to know. But help me keep a look out for them ok?" With that they all got in the Honda and drove to Clive and Claire's house, luckily their parents weren't home, or that would have been awkward.

The rest of the six day weekend was uneventful, and Mikey hadn't seen the angels since the night in the ally. The morning of back to school, he noticed that the feather had turned to stone. As he was getting dressed for school he could here his parents yelling, mostly his mother, who was outraged about the night Mikey, ran away. Mikey smiled to himself, because he knew that his mother was going to kick his father out of the house for sometime, which was a relief.

The school day was as boring as ever before, only because Mark Thomas had been sent to the hospital because of the concussion that Clair had given him seven days ago.

"Bing!" The ninth period bell had rung, and once again Mikey lazily raised form his seat in the back of the class, and shuffled to the door. He stopped and couldn't help but notice there was a boy, about his age with black and red highlighted bowl cut hair, that was buzzed half way down, wearing an overly baggy Marilyn Manson T-shirt, black skinny jeans with holes in the knees, and chunky buckled up combat boots, doing the same thing. He looked at Mikey and for a minute, thought he saw a glimpse of the devil in his eyes. So Mikey kept walking. The boy had caught up with him, hands shoved in his pockets.

"Hey", the boy casually said, nodding his head in hello. Mikey did the same, saying nothing.

"The name's Todd. Todd Port."

"Mikey Fixx"

"Cool", Todd was so laid back; he could fall backwards standing up straight. "I heard about those angels you know", he smirked and walked off. Mikey was stunned, and a little dazed for a minute, and by the time he was going to ask Todd a mouthful of questions, he was out of sight.

He walked quietly home, Todd's words sticking in his mind like glue. "I know about the angels you know-". When he arrived home he immediately jumped on his computer and looked up any information he could find on his angelic "friends".

The rest of the day Mikey pondered over how Todd could have found out about his encounter. Did he live near the ally? Or did he know the girl that had walked by with the guitar case? Maybe he was a spy. "Yeah", he joked with himself. "He is definitely a spy for Satan, come to kill us all". He shook his head in frustration and tried to concentrate and think seriously. "No one else was around-", he paused and thought a little more. "Except the girl", He paused again. "He had to have known her, and she must have seen"

Hours passed and Mikey had fallen asleep at his computer desk, drooling on his arm and muttering nonsense. Articles about angels crowding his screen. Random papers with scribbled notes and with margin doodles of wings and feathers lay strewn amongst his room. The floor, on his desk, tacked to his wall, taped to his computer, and even in his open fish tank.

"Their screams were so loud. Like an assembly of never ending sirens. People ran with blood spattered clothes and skin, from demons with burnt flesh and sewn shut mouths. Their eyes horrified, begging for relief. Then out of the Autumn Red Sky came the luminous figure. Her face could now be seen. Pale flesh and ice blue eyes. Her presence seemed to draw attention to the gruesome demons, and they had soon surrounded her with knives and wild, blood ravenous eyes.

Atop a mountain of decaying bodies sat a man on a throne of bones and gold. He face had upon it a crooked smile. Wicked and putrid. With a command in foreign tongue, the earth shook like thunder once again, cracking like fragile glass then-"

Mikey awoke with a sudden jolt, nearly falling backwards off his chair. His bedroom door was swung wide open, and across the thresh hold stood Claire and Clive, panting, out of breath. Clive had clutched in his hand a tattered newspaper.

" This isn't good Mike-",Clive huffed in one continuous breath, then he took a deeper one and proceeded. "- You might want to take a look at this!"

He stumbled across to Mikey, his legs still unsteady from running so much, and tossed the newspaper in his lap and collapsing on his bed. Mikey looked over the paper, smoothing it out, making it easier to read. Claire walked through his room, being cautious of the papers on the floor, as if they were detonated bombs. She finally managed to make her way towards Clive, sitting next to him, patiently waiting for Mikey to answer. " Read it aloud", Claire said in a monotone voice. Mikey looked back at her with a confused look on his face. She sighed in irritation, ' Just does it". He shook it off, and did what she said.

"The headline reads-", he stopped and read to himself before he continued. Shock and disapproval swirled in his voice. "Local High School Junior, Mikey Fixx, Finds possible Evidence of Mystical Angels?!" just as he was about to go on, the siblings interrupted him.

"-This Could be a sign of The Apocalypse, 2012!", they enthusiastically wailed in unison. "If you turn the page you'll see a -", Clive stated, but before he could finish, he was interrupted the rapid turn of the large newspaper. Mikey examined the picture and realized two things instantly. The red and blue lights, lights of the cop car, and the clothes he was wearing.

"sh*t!" he slammed his fists on the desk, making Claire and Clive jump. " I knew it was her!"

"What?" Claire asked as if she hadn't heard him.

"The picture was taken the same night that I found the angels in the ally!", he exclaimed in excitement and a bit of annoyance. He was so close to solving the mystery of Todd Port.

"And you know this how?" she crossed her arms disapprovingly. He grabbed the paper and rammed it into her face.

"Do you see the red and blue lights here?" he asked pointing to the brick wall of the ally.

" Yeah and?"

" That's the night I got stopped by the cop! The night that I found 'them'!" Everything was coming back to her, the phone call from Mikey, the story he had told her, and the feather.

"Holy- You right", she snickered, but the she became puzzled." But wait. Who took the picture then?"

" Their was this girl that has walked by almost right after I had turned around to see if they were still in the ally. She could have took the picture from around the corner of the building across the street, then passed by us", he nodded in satisfaction, and slumped back into his computer chair, resting the corner of his head on his middle finger and thumb. "You know what? I am sure of it now.", he smiled and then closed his eyes. "I've got Todd now"

"Who the hell is Todd?"

"He is a new kid, it thinks. He dresses like us and he knew. He knew about almost everything." He opened his eyes to look at Clive and Claire." I didn't even know him, or know of him until today." he shut his eyes again and fell asleep.

"Well now we can interrogate him right?" not knowing he was a sleep she asked again. "Right?" still no answer. "Hey Yo Mikey!" she shook him again, then realized he was asleep and motioned for Clive to get up and follow her. They made their way to the door, again, avoiding the river of papers on his floor, and went home.